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It was my good fortune to share a laboratory with Leonidas Zervas at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research after he came there in 1934 to rejoin Max Bergmann. The year before, the Nazis had obliged Bergmann to resign as Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Leather Research in Dresden; after finding a haven in New York, he secured the help of the Rockefeller Foundation in bringing Zervas to the United States. I cannot express adequately my gratitude to Professor Zervas for the instruction he gave me in the art of peptide synthesis during his 2-year stay in New York. This essay is not only an act of homage to a great chemist, but also an acknowledgment of the debt owed him by one of his students.

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Our laboratory specializes in the design, synthesis, and application of stapled alpha-helical peptides for biomedical research. We are pleased to participate in academic collaborations by designing and generating stapled peptides for your research needs. Our goal is to remain fully engaged with our collaborators to provide ongoing input on experimental design, data analysis, and project development. Charges to the investigator are for synthesis costs and approximate core facility fees for standard peptide synthesis. Submit your project proposals by email to the , care of Greg Bird ()

At this time, the center no longer does custom peptide synthesis

Peptide synthesis is characterized as the formation of a peptide bond between two amino acids