(2002) A Comparison of Theoretical and Human Syllabification

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(2011) The Computation of Multiple Roots of a Polynomial Using Structure Preservince Matrix Methods

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(2005) Evolutionary Search for Test Data in the Presence of State Behaviour

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Deliverable (40 Points): A report (5 to 10 annotated viewgraphs) that shows results from the following tasks (each bullet item carries 20 points, you need to do any two bullet items):

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? Simple Information Exchanges: Information is exchanged between the services that you have developed with other services from the same team. First develop a conceptual diagram that shows how the services are interrelated and how this information can be exchanged between these services by using an appropriate technology (e.g., email). The information exchanged may be in XML or Json documents. You just need to show the format of XML documents exchanged between the services. Is there a need for developing a DTD for this. Please explain.

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Deliverable: Please show a high level gamified view of the services and documents exchanged with short explanation (2-3 slides with annotations). You may want to show information exchanged (arrows) as “hot links” so that when users click on an arrow, they see the XML documents. You should first represent the scenario by using PPT gamification but then also explore a workflow system , or a rule-based system such as Corvid. The purpose is for you to learn different technologies for representing interactions and scenarios. See Attachment B for some hints.