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There are many parts to a graduate school application. This resource lists possible materials, how to procure or develop those materials, and general tips to follow during the application process.

Now that you know where the paper is leading, you will probably need to rewrite the introduction.

The Transmittal Sheet should be completed for all Master's thesis. The Principal Investigator or Project Researcher (the student submitting the project) is responsible for completing the form and obtaining signatures of the thesis advisor, graduate program director, department chair, dean, as applicable, and other unit signatures or initials as required.

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A comprehensive resource from the University of Minnesota Graduate School that offers help with writing and research, information on funding, and support for international students.

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Summary: The resources in this section will help you prepare your graduate school application(s). This section includes an application-planning timeline, advice on researching and choosing a program, a summary of needed materials and how to develop them, rhetorical principles for building a statement of purpose, and suggestions for how to handle competing offers.

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The same kind of paper must be used throughout the entire manuscript. This includes the preliminary pages, appendices, and vita. The standard sixe is 8 x 11 inches. The quality of paper for submission of the final copy of the thesis or dissertation is white, acid free, 25% cotton, and bond, either 20 or 24 pounds. This type of paper bears a watermark. No other quality or color of paper will be accepted. Examples of acceptable papers are Southworth, 25% cotton fiber, fine business paper or Hammermill, 25% cotton, laser bond paper.

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Writers don’t have to be alone to be productive. Although completing a graduate seminar paper, thesis, or dissertation requires focused, sustained individual work, the writing process is emphatically not a solitary one. Because much of what they write has a life outside the narrow confines of the degree program, graduate writers need feedback from multiple readers in order to make informed decisions about how they can best communicate their ideas in writing. Student Writing Support is a safe, responsive environment in which graduate writers can develop and test their ideas with non-specialist but highly trained and interested readers.

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The thesis represents the culmination of an individual's research program. Although thesis advisors and committee members play an important role in the development, guidance and final evaluation of the overall project, an individual and not a group of persons author the thesis. While the Graduate School recognizes the important input that advisors or committee members often make in a person's thesis, they are not co-authors. Consequently, the thesis should not be written in the first person plural (we). We is a plural pronoun that refers to more than one individual. Theses should be written either in the first person singular (I) or in the third person. The third person is probably the best way to write a thesis in some areas but may not be appropriate for all areas. Individuals who provide assistance in the research project should be mentioned in the acknowledgments. Obviously, if the work is published, co-authorship is often necessary and appropriate.