...RNA World Deep Beneath the Surface, by Mary L.

But then again, it is a fairy tale world and some of the songs feature things the Baker shouldn't know about (unless some of the other characters filled him in later) - so both 'Alternate Universe' and 'Adaptation' are applicable.

One of the leading researchers into RNA world models, , wrote in 1989:

The concept of a “world” in the MWI belongs to part (ii) of the theory,i.e., it is not a rigorously defined mathematical entity, but a termdefined by us (sentient beings) in describing our experience. When werefer to the “definite classically described state” of, say, a cat,it means that the position and the state (alive, dead, smiling, etc.)of the cat is maximally specified according to our ability todistinguish between the alternatives, and that this specificationcorresponds to a classical picture, e.g., no superpositions of deadand alive cats are allowed in a single world.

"The RNA world hypothesis is extremely unlikely.

These facts are reasons to consider that the RNA world could be the original pathway to cells.

The world-mind hypothesis proposes that the two realms of life (the biosphere) and reason (the mental sphere) are not simply two successive chapters in the grand story of evolution, but rather two self-similar continua that develop according to an underlying pattern.

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The alternative hypothesis is the used in that is contrary to the . It is usually taken to be that the observations are the result of a real effect (with some amount of chance variation superposed).

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The World-Mind hypothesis, as presented below, offers an explanation of origins that is respectfully alternative to both Darwinian Evolution Theory and Intelligent Design Theory. In order to cater to an as-broad-as-possible audience, this hypothesis is written deliberately in secular, non-Biblical idiom (1 Corinthians 9:22).

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*) Note that this particular World Mind project is not related to or named after any other project of the same or similar name. Also, the term "World Mind" does not refer to Gaia or related ideas but to the central hypothesis that the whole of human mentality is a closed and cyclic system, self-similar to the biosphere.

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The PAH world hypothesis is a that proposes that the use of (PAH) wasa means for a pre- basis for the . As yet it is untested.