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Wittig reagents are sufficiently nucleophilic that alkylations can be performed to form more complex reagents. An example from the synthesis of Deoxypenostatin A (Snider, B. B.; Liu, T. 2000, , 8490-8498. ).

Organic synthesis Reaction capacity: 210 m3, with dedicated production lines

The reactions of α-phosphorus nucleophiles with carbonyl compounds are reliable methods for the synthesis of olefins. There are two principal variants: the Wittig Reaction, which uses phosphonium ylids as nucleophiles, and the Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction, which uses metalated phosphonates.

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Organic synthesis Reaction Capacity: 350 m3 with 4 multipurpose units Pilot plant available

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The company's R&D strengths are in creating intellectual property assets by developing non-infringing, novel, cost effective and environmentally friendly processes for APIs and finding easier solutions to complex chemistry challenges. We are specialized in constructing chiral molecules with strong expertise and experience in the resolution processes. Our R&D team consists of more than 60 qualified scientists with extensive expertise and experience in Process Research and Development activities for APIs and their critical intermediates. Our main philosophy is backward integration of APIs synthesis starting from basic raw material, thereby being self-dependent for critical intermediates to control cost and quality. Solid state studies, particularly polymorphism and particle size are proving to be bottle neck in marketing newer APIs. At Megafine, scientists are skilled in providing solutions to the problems associated with them. We have two research centres, one at Nashik, Maharashtra, India and another at Vapi, Gujarat, India. R&D centre at Vapi is mainly focused to provide critical intermediates with high purity and low cost through intensive research to our main R&D centre at Nashik and as well as to API manufacturers around the globe. A well - equipped R&D centre is supported by kilo lab having reactors from 5 lit to 250 lit, SSR/GLR vessels to solve scale-up issues at production. We are very specific in creating online documentations for various phases of process development including the scale-up, safety, and engineering reports which help production to have a safe and robust process and also to support regulatory filings.

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In New Zealand, the mean daily selenium intake of 12 subjects consuming such synthetic diets was 5 ± 2 µg with little difference between the older children and the infants (McKenzie et al., 1978).