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Applications that generate JSML text should respect the default settings of the user. To do this, relative settings of parameters such as pitch and speaking rate should be used rather than absolute settings.

The following code shows a simple use of speech synthesis to speak the string

The object can also be used in the selection of a speech synthesizer. The following code illustrates how to create a synthesizer with a young female Japanese voice.

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This example illustrates the four basic steps which all speech synthesis applications must perform. Let's examine each step in detail.

A speech synthesizer is a speech engine that converts text to speech. The package defines the interface to support speech synthesis plus a set of supporting classes and interfaces. The basic functional capabilities of speech synthesizers, some of the uses of speech synthesis and some of the limitations of speech synthesizers are described in .

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The class is used to encapsulate the four features that describe each voice: voice name, gender, age and speaking style. The voice name and speaking style are both objects and the contents of those strings are determined by the synthesizer. Typical voice names might be "Victor", "Monica", "Ahmed", "Jose", "My Robot" or something completely different. Speaking styles might include "casual", "business", "robotic" or "happy" (or similar words in other languages) but the API does not impose any restrictions upon the speaking styles. For both voice name and speaking style, synthesizers are encouraged to use strings that are meaningful to users so that they can make sensible judgements when selecting voices.

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Most speech synthesizers are able to produce a number of voices. In most cases voices attempt to sound natural and human, but some voices may be deliberately mechanical or robotic.

How to install more voices to Windows Speech

The voice property is used to control the speaking voice of the synthesizer. The set of voices supported by a synthesizer can be obtained by the method of the synthesizer's object. Each voice is defined by a voice name, gender, age and speaking style. Selection of voices is described in more detail in .

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The following is an example of the use of the interface to monitor the progress of speech output. It shows how a training application could synchronize speech synthesis with animation.