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Synthesis Capacitor Machines comprises of Automatic and Semi Automatic H T Capacitor Winding machines, used to wind the elements of H T Capacitors (foil and film type) and CVTs (Tab and non-tab type). These machines have an optimal mix of automation coupled with robust design resulting in excellent performance, consistency, better productivity and high precision handling of film & foil.

Giles Parkinson on  pointed out that solar and wind power forced wholesale electricity prices down.

In this paper, a method is proposed to generate synthetic wind turbine interference in Doppler weather radar. The combination of such synthetic data and real weather data gives a basis of evaluating the statistical performance of radar signal processing algorithms for mitigating turbine interference. The Receiver Operating Characteristic of Phase Difference Detector is evaluated by utilizing such combined data. Further, Sliding Window Average method is proposed to replace the Bi-linear Interpolation of the mitigation method presented in [9].

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This synthesis study conclued that between 140 000 and 328 000 birds are killed annually by wind turbines in the USA.

"In the 1920's, world wide food demand required the development of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. Companies and institutions were able to innovate to meet this requirement. Now we are again faced with new challenges to our state's agriculture industry, economy, energy system, and environment. The Wind-to-Ammonia pilot project could be major part of the solution and enable Minnesota to continue as a world leader in renewable energy," says Mike Reese, WCROC Renewable Energy Coordinator.