Some examples of alternative hypotheses are: ..

The first step is to state the hypothesis to be tested, called the null hypothesis, and the alternative hypothesis. In this example, upper-level management wants to know if there is a difference in the mean amounts purchased on impulse at the two stores. An alternative way to state this question is "Is the mean amount purchased on impulse at the First Street store equal to the mean amount purchased at the Main street store?" Recall that the "equality" part of the hypothesis is always stated in the null hypothesis. Therefore, the null and alternative hypotheses for this example are:

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All statistical hypotheses, containing all possible outcomesof the experiment or study, consist of two parts: null hypothesis andalternative hypothesis.

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The hypothesis that an apparent effect is due to chance iscalled the . The null hypothesis states that the“null” condition exists; that is, there is nothing new happening, the oldtheory is still true, the old standard is correct, and the system is incontrol. The null hypothesis is typically the opposite of the researcher'shypothesis