Consumes Charm effect on target to inflict additional +26% damage.

Please note that the use of the colors has not always been 100% consistent throughout the comic and that some aspects have been featured significantly less than others. Consequently, these color schemes are approximations and may be updated if we obtain more information.

The aspects arranged in a wheel.

The Antithesis is a that was formed by a psychopath who has since begun calling himself instead of his real name. They have taken control of downtown , where a majority of the zombies seem to congregate. From here they perform their vile religious rituals, involving kidnapping survivors and sacrificing them to their "god" of death.

The Foundation of Human Understanding is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit

Genres that play this role to each other:

A group mainly composed of , half-breed monsters that take no definitive, physical form of anything classified as a supernatural creature (such as a or a ), who wish for nothing more than to destroy the current school system. They have an extreme hatred of pure-blooded yōkai, who they claim look down on half-breeds, forcing them to become subservient to their pure-blooded masters while Hokuto (the leader) wants revenge against Yokai Academy for forcing him to become a yokai in order to survive. In the localized manga, they are referred to as "". While they were once lead by Hokuto Kaneshiro, it is clear that ANTI-THESIS is not affiliated with Fairy Tale as some members were seen fighting the Alucard's clones in the final battle.

For anything to happen, everything has to be in place.

A simple counting of the elements of (any formal system of reasoning that arrives at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments) is that of . Hell is the antithesis of Heaven; disorder is the antithesis of order. It is the juxtaposition of contrasting ideas, usually in a balanced way. In , it is a involving the bringing out of a contrast in the by an obvious contrast in the , , or , within a parallel grammatical structure, as in the following:

Some other examples of antithesis are:

Quantum theory, postmodern cosmology, chaos theory, computer interfacingand ecology all essentially subscribe to this view of "totality"in question, without being "hegelian".

Hegel's view is completely different.

This is an organic rather than mechanical logic. Hegel's specialterm for this "contradiction" of overcoming andat the same time preserving is Aufhebung, sometimestranslated as "sublation".

For notes on the , see the "" archetype.

The Mind aspect seems to be related to thoughts and decisions of individuals and the consequences of those decisions. was able to what decisions will be made, and the outcomes of such decisions with her Seer of Mind powers. Heroes of the Mind aspect also seem to be able to with the otherwise-undetectable that dreaming players create in , though this may only be possible for Terezi, being the Seer of Mind and literally seeing (or, rather, smelling) the mental image of Dirk left by Jake. Mind seems to be the antithesis of Heart, given that it is associated with logic, reasoning, action, decision-making, in contrast with Heart's association with motivation and emotions.

Everything depends on the "identity of identity andnon-identity".

Due to their Japanese names, a number of older cards, such as "" and "", also fall into this archetype. Also, several older cards, such as the and "", include "Magician" in their English names but are not part of this archetype. However, because and support for this archetype only works on and Continuous Spell Cards, neither have been an issue.