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In 1769, invented the modern steam engine, which was one of the 18th century’s most important events, as it made the Industrial Revolution possible. In 1776, two events marked the rise of a new kind of empire. One was American elites signing the Declaration of Independence, and the other was the publication of Adam Smith’s . Similar to how the Catholic Church’s influence began unraveling as it reached new heights of power, just as Great Britain was reaching a truly global dominance, its most successful colonies revolted. The American Revolution likely would not have succeeded without French assistance, as France did what it could to thwart its rival. Capitalism already existed when Adam Smith wrote his monumental work, although the term would not be used until the 19th century. Smith, an Enlightenment philosopher, would have been , although he is considered its father today.

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America in 1890 was turbulent, although the subsequent decade is known as the “Gay Nineties.” The robber baron empires had largely been built by that time. Monopolies were the rage, and their excesses became so overt that the era of “trust-busting” began early in the early 20th century, with limited effectiveness. Modern medicine was to becoming the racket that it is today. By the 1890s, surgery vaulted from to . In the South, the Ku Klux Klan, which was originally formed by Southern elites to harass the Reconstruction government, quickly degenerated into poor, uneducated whites lynching blacks, who were their primary economic competitors. American lynchings peaked during the early 1890s, and were highly popular, as people were murdered in a carnival atmosphere, and the lynchers made postcards from the scenes, . The North was not noted for its , either.

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It was my first experience in writing to a newspaper, it was the first thing that I had published, and it was my first experience with editing. The newspaper edited out "or so it is said" from that first sentence. That changed the letter’s tenor letter a little, particularly my intended irony in using the word "awful" to describe the Iraqis. I was glad that they published what they did, and maybe it caused a few people to reconsider their lusty cheers. Next to my letter was printed the wit and wisdom of Hughie Sprinkle, whose sentiments better reflected the public attitude. Hughie wrote, "The only sensible way to win the war and save American lives is to nuke (Iraq), using neutron bombs. Kill them all - man, woman and child. Kill 'em quick and kill 'em good. Then bulldoze the area over, and begin again."