What is the major plant pigment involved in photosynthesis?

Citric Acid Cycle) which takes place in the mitochondria and starts off with Acetyl CoA a C2 which combines with a C4 to create a C6 then it loses a CO2.

In this lab a red, green and brown algae will be used to extract the photosynthetic pigments from.

Variables: The variables that might affect the rate of photosynthesis in this experiment are: Temperature: When the temperature rises so does the rate of photosynthesis; this is because as the temperature around the plant rises the enzymes controlling photosynthesis inside the chloroplasts heat up and start moving around faster, the fast moving molecules collide with other fast moving enzymes causing them to react....

pigment involved with photosynthesis?

In all photosynthetic organisms, organic pigments exist to harvest the light energy.

Because different pigments absorb light of different wavelengths, by
comparing the occurrence of different pigments we can deduce the
plants' habitat;

l We can do further experiment to determine the absorption spectrum of
each pigment.



l Large test (24 * 150 mm);

l Stopper to fit test tube;

l Pin;

l A small glass tube to transfer pigment solution;

l Chromatography paper or filter paper;

l Rack of test tube;

l Pigment solution;

l Solvent (5 cm3).

What plant pigments are involved in photosynthesis?

4. Place the chromatography paper in the cylinder so that the pointed end is barely immersed in the solvent. Do not allow the pigment to be in the solvent.

photosynthesis and the pigments involved ..

Allphotosynthetic organisms--with the exception of a minor group ofbacteria, the halobacteria--contain the light-absorbing pigmentchlorophyll, which plays a key role in the transfer of energy fromlight to chemical compounds.Photosynthesis is the fundamental process that maintains life onEarth.

Plant Energy Transformations-Photosynthesis

Immediatelyafter exposure to 14CO2, the plant's photosynthetic tissue iskilled by immersing it in boiling alcohol, and all of the biochemical reactions cease.

The Leaf It's amazing what's inside a leaf

I will measure the rate of photosynthesis by counting the number of bubbles that are released by the stem of the pond-weed when the lamp is shone on it from different distances.

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We will also be extracting the photosynthetic pigments from Coleus sp., which is a red land plant leaf and, and compare the accessory pigments of this to the red algae....