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Those that fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it …… a message of liberty, of an attempt to explain to people how we have gone wrong and at what time in history.

What about the choices of a literature professor, in the year 1925, when teaching this play.

Those of us in the rank-and-file of higher education may be best served by seeing it not as an existential threat, but as a fact of life to be assimilated, diverted, or subverted on an ongoing basis.

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I have my own hypothesis, of course, but am eager to hear what others think.

Truman and Eisenhower had, in effect, turned over the power of their office to their national security managers. Kennedy was instead acting like was the president of the countryby saying a strong No to the security elite on a critical issue. If we the people had truly understood what he was doing then on our behalf, we would have thought the president’s stand a deeply hopeful one.

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Following the Soviet empire’s collapse, which was brought about in no small measure by the policies of Boris Yeltsin, the then-leader of the Russian Federation, Russians have arguably found themselves in a situation even more disadvantageous than the one in 1917: not only did 14 ex-Soviet republics immediately establish independence, claiming their right to a “national homeland” within the formerly administrative borders drawn by the Bolsheviks, but nearly 25 million ethnic Russians ended up residing beyond the borders of post-Soviet Russia.

Define subvert: to overturn or ..

Throughout the entire Soviet period, however, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was the only republic where this formula was purposefully not adopted: the RSFSR was not considered a national homeland of Russians. It was viewed more as an asymmetric federation that combined territorial units with largely ethnic Russian populations and national (nominally non-Russian) autonomous republics. This approach’s main goal was to keep Russian and Soviet identities blurred so that the majority of Russians would view the entire Soviet Union as their own state, rather than the RSFSR.

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The expansion of Federal Power through crafty legislation built upon this usurpation, however a brief time in history that it was, it has made the law itself unlawful, and it created a de~facto government, as President Andrew Johnson said at the time and strongly opposed the 14th, yet we were told that there was a Presidential proclamation issued in support of it….but then we see that it was not signed by the President at all, but by the Secretary of State, the other man they tried to kill the night LINCOLN was killed, allegedly, that is the historical account, ….. but as we have proven, the official story must always now be re-investigated. There are many good men in law enforcement pitted against policies that are making less and less sense, and causing the people to take out their anger on them. as if it was them personally who subverted the law to create this chaos. We are all being pointed inward toward each other. Can we not see this? Are we not all fellow countrymen and women? Why the militarization of police and drones in our skies ? I said long ago if we use them there we will have them here and I was called CRAZY! Federal Reserve Criminal Unconstitutional Bankster Cartel, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, and the Communist/Socialist Fascist infiltration of America. So many men throughout history called insane for their hard line and their beliefs……the only shame is that they have been right all along, and they have been PROVEN so while the nation suffers from a demoralization that nearly has them so lethargic and apathetic that it takes shaking them to snap them out of it……Well these two are the shakers……and you have just entered the….