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Babylifeline organisation
National service framework for children; a blueprint for contemporary maternity care conference
What is normal birth in the 21st century?
Coventry University Technology park 21/4/05

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Flemish Association of Midwives
Biannual Francine Gooris conference: ‘Caring for birth’
Keynote address one: What is normal birth?
Keynote address two: Is there a future for normal birth?
Ghent, Belgium, March 9th 2006

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Finally, the results of this study suggest that online teachers believe in a wide range of leadership roles that help build and maintain high-quality online teaching. Although there is a limit to what leadership can do to help teachers improve their pedagogy, supportive measures sought by online teachers are: (a) administrative support, such as offering professional development programs, (b) detailed training including technical support, and (c) performance-based incentives. Researchers underscore that educators must master new sets of skills and knowledge when teaching online. In addition to their existing repertoire of teaching skills, educators must understand the nature of online education, the characteristics of online learners, the design of Web courses, and diverse online teaching strategies (Tu, Yen, Corry, & Ianacone, 2003). Contrary to the assumption that teachers should know how to teach online since they are actually doing it, the findings of this study suggest that faculty need to be provided with continuous support that includes appropriate technology, ongoing training, and technical assistance in making the transition to the online environment.

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The purpose of this qualitative study was to investigate the experience of online educators at institutions of higher education in the U. S. and to provide an interpretive synthesis of the meaning of teaching online. A preliminary review of the literature revealed that several studies have been conducted on the topic of the experience of educators with online teaching. However, the review of existing studies did not reveal any attempt for a synthesis approach that would provide a deeper level of understanding. Hence, the research question, “What have researchers discovered about the experience of teaching online in higher education?” guided the research design.

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It is essential that each review is approached rigorously and with careful attention to detail. Plan carefully, and document everything. The consensus reporting guidelines for different study designs proposed by EQUATOR () are a useful starting point. PRISMA provides guidance on what you should include when reporting a systematic review.