Taxonomically, the tomato genus is closely related to Solanum.

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The tomatillo is also used in sauces with green chili, mainly to lessen its hot flavour.

Temperature management is very important for successful tomato crops. Poorly controlled temperature regimes can increase disease problems and lead to fruit color and quality problems. Tomatoes produce the largest yields of highest quality fruits when day temperatures are in the range of 80°F to 85°F and when night temperatures remain above 62°F, but below 72°F.

Greenhouse operator polinating trellis-grown tomatoes.

The calyx is accrescent, reaching 18 to 53 x 11 to 60 mm in the fruit, and has ten ribs.

Plants are trained up a string attached to the cable above the plant and extending to the base of the plant. Trellis strings are made up ahead of planting, keeping in mind that a 10-month-old tomato plant might be 30 feet long. Different growers have individual preferences on the technique to use to attach the string to the trellis cable and the resulting facility for quickly releasing the plant to lower it. One system is to roll the extra "future" twine in a ribbon or ball and hang it over the cable with enough extra twine to enable the ribbon to dangle. The downward string is then clamped to the upward string by a plant clip. Another option is to attach the string to the wire via a slip knot that can easily be released. There are also commercially available metal string bobbins on which to wrap the twine and which also function as a hanger, or a notched spool with a hook.

We see a bright red tomato, but is it really just a tomato.

This helped evolve the Mediterranean diet as well as traditional Italian cuisine (MacLennan and Zhang, 131.) What makes Italian cuisine popular around the world today is that most dishes are made with a small number of ingredients; cooking methods are simple and the recipes are healthy....

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Pollination is achieved by vibrating the flower cluster for a second or two with some sort of electric vibrator. Some beginning growers use back massagers, electric toothbrushes, etc., but one of the most satisfactory tools is a pollinator (battery operated) made specifically for the purpose of pollinating (Fig. 12). This equipment results in less physical damage to the flower clusters and young fruits than some of the homemade mechanisms. Another method that seems to work well is a handheld electric leaf blower. This is one of the quickest means to effect pollination. Since it is quick, growers are more likely to use it daily.

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Tomatoes are self-pollinated; pollen from a flower pollinates the same flower. To accomplish pollination, pollen must be loosened from the anthers and dusted onto the stigma. Outdoors, wind assists in pollen dehiscence, but in the greenhouse, the flowers must be vibrated. Without vibration, poor fruit set, shape, and size could result.

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Shade cloths can be made of knitted or spun bonded polypropylene for the least expense for small houses. Plastic sheets are not as desirable and they collect water from condensation. There are several very good commercial shading systems for installation inside a greenhouse, some of which can be automated.