and it has different keyboard modes which is nice.

How you do imagine the synth sounds you want to use in a live performance or a recording? Do you think of favorite songs or admired artists, or freely imagine sounds within yourself? And can you create those sounds using your synth?

The KingKORG faithfully reproduces the ways in which the oscillator and filter of an analog synthesizer can change, giving you freedom to shape your sound. A diverse range of synth sounds can be covered by this single instrument.

A stylish black model has arrived. The black panel with its array of parameter knobs expresses a reverence for classic instruments of history, and awakens the instincts of the keyboardist who wants to control the sound to their heart's content.

This is different than other HTML5 pianos in that it doesn't , and that it's a .

We accomplish this with what I call a .

First, the : What we're doing here is setting our attack time to 0.002s (2ms!) and linearly increasing the volume (wave amplitude) from the start of the wave until we reach the end of the attack (again, the 2ms).

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A cursor automatically scans across this keyboard by row or by column.

Basically, what we want to do is start off with the , bring it to a in a very short amount of time (the attack on a piano is extremely fast!) and then decay afterwards.