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After (1985) and (1985) there was a brief pause of album work during which Vangelis moved his creative base from London to Greece, where he was involved in theatre work.

 On , Vangelis uses a composing technique he would use extensively on later albums such as .

In fact, constitutes the first album where Vangelis establishes himself as one of the main figures in the growing musical genre of electronic instrumental and new age, thus creating a web of sound linking several simultaneous beats and melodic lines of different timbres on his synthesizers.

The Dragon (Vangelis album) - Wikipedia

You may call  a futuristic album on which Vangelis makes extensive use of the synthesizer technology at that time.

The title track is an atmospheric track building on waxing and waning synthesizer chords and arpeggios, while a voice, reputedly the album's engineer Keith Spencer-Allen, narrates various physical properties of planet Earth such as its mass, length of the year in various measurements and finally its albedo, which is the refelecting power of light of a planet.

The sleeve design of was done by Vangelis himself.