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Lenneberg cited the superior ability of children to (re)learn language after left brain injury in support of the critical period hypothesis. But while there clearly is a difference between the abilities of young children, on the one hand, and older children and adults, on the other, to recover from left brain insults, the contrast in recovery course and outcome is not as stark as is often supposed.

Peters and Ritchie (1971) investigated the universal base hypothesis and showed

For example, developmental genes specify somatic development in top-down, one-way fashion, including life cycle progression and many aspects of organism behavior.

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Peters and Ritchie (1971) investigated the universal base hypothesis and showed "

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This is known as the critical period hypothesis

For example, when a lawyer makes argumentsin front of a jury in court, she or he cannot try other approaches by repeatingthe trial over and over again in front of the same jury.

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Theories are customarily represented as collections of sentences,propositions, statements or beliefs, etc., and their logicalconsequences. Among these are maximally general explanatory andpredictive laws (Coulomb’s law of electrical attraction and repulsion,and Maxwellian electromagnetism equations for example), along withlesser generalizations that describe more limited natural andexperimental phenomena (e.g., the ideal gas equations describingrelations between temperatures and pressures of enclosed gasses, andgeneral descriptions of positional astronomical regularities).Observations are used in testing generalizations of both kinds.

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The identification of observation and perceptual experience persistedwell into the 20th century—so much so that CarlHempel could characterize the scientific enterprise as an attempt topredict and explain the deliverances of the senses (Hempel 1952, 653).This was to be accomplished by using laws or lawlike generalizationsalong with descriptions of initial conditions, correspondence rules,and auxiliary hypotheses to derive observation sentences describingthe sensory deliverances of interest. Theory testing was treated as amatter of comparing observation sentences describing observations madein natural or laboratory settings to observation sentences that shouldbe true according to the theory to be tested. This makes it imperativeto ask what observation sentences report. Even though scientists oftenrecord their evidence non-sententially, e.g., in the form of pictures,graphs, and tables of numbers, some of what Hempel says about themeanings of observation sentences applies to non-sententialobservational records as well.

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The transcension hypothesis proposes that a universal process of evolutionary development guides all sufficiently advanced civilizations into what may be called "inner space," a computationally optimal domain of increasingly dense, productive, miniaturized, and efficient scales of space, time, energy, and matter, and eventually, to a black-hole-like destination.