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Please do no use another thesis/dissertation as a model for your work, since a particular style or example in a previous model may not meet current guidelines. All PhD doctoral graduates are required to fill out a Survey of Earned Doctorate which can be filled out online at .

To qualify for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, students must:

For more information about these four areas of compliance, including forms and submission procedures, refer to the . Students may contact the Office of Research Compliance for more information by phone at (human subjects and radiation safety) or (animals and biosafety). Approval of the outline by the Graduate School does not constitute approval by ORC. Note: Non-compliance may affect acceptance of the student's project as part of his or her degree.

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Submit your documents to The Graduate School and JMU libraries via the Scholarly Commons.

The university recognizes that the primary purpose of research and scholarship is to train future scholars and disseminate new knowledge for the benefit of humankind. However, commercially valuable inventions and discoveries also may result. Graduate students, during the course of their studies and work at the university, may receive access to confidential or proprietary information from the university, its faculty and employees, and/or private companies. A student, both while a student and thereafter, is expected to respect and maintain the confidentiality of such information. In certain unusual cases, a student may be asked to sign an additional confidentiality agreement. Unauthorized use or dissemination of another’s confidential or proprietary information is subject to appropriate legal recourse and/or academic discipline, including termination from the program.

Page and the Embargo Form must be submitted to The Graduate School

Graduate School cooperates with the departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences for the master’s thesis course. You will write your master’s thesis at the department which corresponds to the major in your Bachelor’s degree. The master’s thesis should reflect your programme studies and you should use theory and method from your major.

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Scholarships commonly target specific age groups or grade levels. These range from “high school juniors born in a particular calendar year” to “anyone currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or professional program”. By limiting eligibility requirements to a specific population, scholarship providers are making sure that students are competing at an equal grade level.

for Undergraduate Senior Thesis;

The cost is $18 per book plus $0.06 per page printing charge (black & white only). Shipping and color printing are additional charges. Original signature pages may be mailed to the bindery and included in the bound copy for additional cost. Original signed, signature pages may be retrieved from the Graduate School (Wetherby Administration Building, Rm 207) for one (1) year following deposition.

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The master’s thesis course starts on your fourth term at Graduate School, always around January 15-20. By course start you will know the name of the supervisor. Most departments and supervisors require that students are present in Lund during the master’s thesis course. Some departments arrange peer review seminars and other activities, which requires the students' presence. You cannot expect to receive distance supervision through Skype or email. Fieldwork should be conducted in agreement with the supervisor. Keep in mind that you yourself are responsible for your research project and for your writing process. The supervisor can offer support and guidance, but you will have to be the driving force.