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Messenger RNA (mRNA) carries DNA's genetic information to the ribosome, where it is translated into a sequence of amino acids. mRNA is fed into the ribosome, and it is positioned so that it can be read in groups of three letters, known as codons. Each mRNA codon is matched against the transfer RNA molecule's anti-codon. If there is a match, the amino acid carried by the transfer RNA is added to the growing protein chain. Also available in Spanish.

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Step 3: Termination:- Stop codon marks the end of a gene.- RNA polmerase releases DNA and RNA molecules.

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The are many different tRNAs in a cell, each transcribedfrom a different tRNA gene. With regard to protein synthesis the differenttRNA have three important regions:

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With this as context, the PaJaMo experiments suggested that another type of RNA was rapidly synthesized from DNA. Comparatively short-lived, its crucial presence had been initially overlooked. But in 1960, François Jacob and Jacques Monod named this hypothetical molecule "messenger RNA" (mRNA). Its presence was subsequently confirmed by experiment.

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As it was finally understood, several types of RNA represent a basic division of labor in protein synthesis. Messenger RNA (mRNA) presents information contained in DNA sequences to the ribosomes, which are structured by ribosomal RNA (rRNA). Other molecules, known as transfer RNA (tRNA), attach to specific amino acids and conduct them to the ribosomes for protein synthesis.

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Transfer RNA is involved in protein synthesis in that itbrings the correct amino acid to the ribosomes. In order for this to occura specific tRNA must form a covalent bond with a specific amino acid.

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It is important to note that the tRNA is reused and collects another specific amino acid. Once the protein has been mRNA may move to another ribosome to make a further protein or it can be broken down into free nucleotides to be reused.