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In many reactions and chemical properties, thionyl chloride is analogous to phosphoryl chloride (phosphorus oxychloride) which has three P-Cl bonds and one very strong P=O solid bond.

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Sulfuryl chloride and thionyl chloride have been found to be new chlorinating agents for alkyl sulfides. Preparation of aromatic polyesters by direct polycondensation with thionyl chloride in pyridine. Conversion of aromatic and. alpha.,. beta.-unsaturated aldehydes to dichlorides by thionyl chloride and dimethylformamide.

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Product name
: 7719-09-7
Molecular Formula: SOCl2
Molecular Weight: 118.97
Product description:Used for organic matter, such as alcohol hydroxyl organic sulfonic acid, acid anhydride, and synthesis of nitro compounds or replacement of chlorinating agent, also used in the closed-loop response thiazole moiety, pyrrolidine and amide synthesis of chlorine acylating agent, also used for the preparation of drug intermediates, organic acid, dye intermediates, such as synthetic catalyst. In addition, also used for the determination of aromatic amines and fatty amine analytical reagent. Heat can be made of calcium sulfite and phosphorus pentachloride was prepared. Used as organic synthesis of chlorinating agent, such as alcohols hydroxy chloride, carboxylic acid chloride, chlorinated anhydride, organic sulfonic acid or chlorine replacement of nitro compounds. Manufacturing acyl chloride. Manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates, such as net insect repellent, tasteless sintomycin. Also used as a dehydrating agent and solvent. Can be used to make raw material of the battery.

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Thionyl chloride is used for the production of isocarbophos, indomethacin, vitamin A, sumicidin, propargite tetramisole hydrochloride, and so on. It is also used as the chlorinating agents for organic synthesis such as chlorination of alcoholic group, chlorination of acid anhydride, chlorination of carboxylic acid, and the chlorine displacement of organic sulfonic acid or carboxylic acid. It can also be used for making acyl chloride and for the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates such as tetramisole hydrochloride and synthomycin palmitate. It could also be used as a dehydrating agent or solvent.

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It reacts with water violently to produce toxic fumes of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride and decomposes on heating above 140 C, releasing toxic and corrosive fumes.

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Fukuji Higashi,; Toshio Mashimo andIkuo Takahashi. Preparation of aromatic polyesters by direct polycondensation with thionyl chloride in pyridine. Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry. 1986, 24 (1),97-102.

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Thionyl chloride has a relative density of 1.676 and melting point of -104.5ºC. It is easily decomposed into hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide. Thionyl chloride is soluble in benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and chloroform. Thionyl chloride is toxic and reacts violently with water to give sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid, which are toxic and acidic respectively. This liquid is listed as a schedule 3 compound and it may be used for the production of chemical weapons. It is sometimes confused with SO2Cl2 (sulfuryl chloride) but the properties of sulfuryl chloride compounds are different significantly.

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Global is segmented on the basis of product type, application, and geography. Thionyl chloride is an inorganic compound with chemical formula SOCl2. Thionyl chloride is a colorless to yellow fuming liquid with an unpleasant bitter odor. It can also be miscible with benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and chloroform. Its boiling point is 79ºC. It is used as a chlorinating reagent with approx 45,000 tons per year; being created during the early 1990s.