u can get a wireless communication with lot of antennas

Free Space Optical (FSO) communications use modulated collimated light energy, usually in the form of an infrared (IR) laser, to transmit data. This affords FSO many appealing qualities such as a very high bandwidth capability, a high level of security through a low probability of detection (LPD) and a low probability of intercept (LPI), and a signal that is impervious to radio frequency (RF) interference or regulation. Military communications require broadband capabilities at the highest level of security in an incredibly dense RF operating environment. The bandwidth and security qualities of FSO make it an attractive technology for military communications. However, a strict line of sight (LOS) requirement and link attenuation in poor atmospheric conditions limit its application. Several companies are developing and implementing FSO communication solutions worldwide in response to a demand for broadband connectivity without RF interference at a relatively low price point. Recent advances in hybrid FSO-RF systems have improved performance in all atmospheric conditions. This research conducts a survey of the current state of FSO communications and analyzes its suitability as a military communication solution. The findings indicate further research, development, and link performance improvement is required before actual implementation of FSO communications can occur.

 (2015) Wireless Communication System Design for Underground Mine. MTech thesis.

The emergence and recent ubiquity of Smartphones present new opportunities and challenges to forensic examiners. Smartphones enable new mobile application and use paradigms by being constantly attached to the Internet via one of several physical communication media, e.g. cellular radio, WiFi, or Bluetooth. The Smartphone's storage medium represents a potential source of current and historical network metadata and records of prior data transfers. By using known ground truth data exchanges in a controlled experimental environment, this thesis identifies net-work metadata stored by the Android operating system that can be readily retrieved from the device's internal non-volatile storage. The identified network metadata can ascertain the identity of prior network access points to which the device associated. An important by-product of this research is a well-labeled Android Smartphone image corpus, allowing the mobile forensic community to perform repeatable, scientific experiments, and to test mobile forensic tools.

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Also I will talk about Wired communication which is one of the older technologies but now we have several different types of media forms on wired communications and they all do a different job.

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