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I love this post! I’m so fed up with people recommending “customisable” themes which turn out to need programming knowledge to make them work. The whole point of a wordpress theme, IMO, is to have something that works out of the box,without me needing to master a whole lot of technical stuff.

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Thesis Theme is available in two pricing options. The personal option is $87 which allows you to use Thesis theme on a single site. Or you can purchase the developer option for $164 which allows you to use Thesis on unlimited sites you own. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can fully test drive Thesis to see if you like it.

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Yeah I should have probably mentioned that your theme is pretty much the least important thing about a website!

You did a great job with the review and as a Frugal Theme user I can attest first hand to the absolute quality of the theme. Just as important is the unbelievable tutorials and support from Eric. He is truly amazing in both his mind-blowing brilliance and the super-high level of support.

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I am not a designer I know little CSS far less php, enough html to get by. But I wanted to be able to develop custom websites – not just for my own use but also for SEO clients. Thesis seemed to offer the promise of doing this without coding – their advertising is based around that, At the time I bought Thesis there was no money back guarantee – so I wanted to make sure I got it right. So researched, and then bought Thesis 1.4