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Margins on the top, right and bottom must be 1", and the left margin must be 1.5" (to have room for binding). [Exceptions: The Title Page and Signature Page should each have 2" margins at the top.] All material to be included (including appendices) must fit within the margins. Double check with a ruler before submitting. Margins are measured from the edge of the text to the edge of the sheet.

a multiline text box,or list box), together with descriptive statistics (e.g.

When researchers from the literary and linguistic communities beganusing SGML in their work, the tendency of SGML to assume thatdocuments could be represented as a single logical hierarchicalstructure quickly created real practical problems for text encodingprojects. These problems were compellingly described by Barnard andothers in a 1987 article (Barnard et al. 1987).

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OHCO-1 gives the ontological question 'what is text?' an equallyontological answer: text is an ordered hierarchy of content objects(). The claim here is that insome relevant sense of 'book', 'text', or 'document' (perhaps quaintellectual objects) such things are 'ordered hierarchies ofcontent objects'. A book for instance is a sequence of chapters, eachof which is a sequence of major sections, each of which in turn is asequence of subsections. Within the lowest level subsections areobjects like paragraphs, sentences, prose quotations, versequotations, equations, proofs, theorems, and so on. Many of theseobjects can be decomposed further. This structure is hierarchicalbecause these objects 'nest' inside one another like Chinese boxes. Itis ordered because there is a linear relationship to objects -- forany two objects within a book one object comes before the other. Finally, we call theseobjects content objects because they organize text into natural unitsthat are, in some sense, based on meaning and communicativeintentions.

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Hi, mysteriously teaserbox stripping out all the links from the excerpt text. i.e. I have clickable text link in the teaser box but all of them being stripped out. It looks fine with default theme. I am on WP 3.0.1+TT1.7+Blogussion 1.4

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In a talk at the BrownUniversity Computing in the Humanities Users Group in January 1991,Claus Huitfeldt, Director of the Bergen Wittgenstein Project, stoppedat one point in his presentation and wrote three words on theboard. He drew a strike-out line through the first and second words,and then a second strike-out line through the second and thirdwords. The text encoders present sighed -- this was a vivid example ofthe vulnerability of the OHCO view of text.

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I have a request…instead of changing the teaser from 2 boxes side by side to 1 box, I would like to have 3 boxes side by side. How do I tweak the codes? Thanks!

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, P. (1991), 'The TextBase Paradigm:Architectural Considerations for a Second-Generation Scholar'sWorkstation', Senior Thesis, University of Chicago, (seen indraft).

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Because it generalizes actual encoding practice and seems to havesome independent plausibility, apart from its being a corollary of thestronger and more theoretically ambitious OHCO-2, we might askdirectly about the logical status of this principle: Are texts, vis avis some perspective, themselves hierarchical or is it an a prioritruth of human experience that our analytical perspectives carve theworld up into hierarchies? Or perhaps hierarchical division is merelyoften useful and consequently common, but not required by either thestructure of texts or the nature of human reasoning. Cynics willsuggest that text encoders had ample secondary motivation for adoptingOHCO-2.1: if perspectives did not sort themselves out intohierarchies, then encoding projects would be deprived of theconsiderable benefits of SGML formalisms.