At the first page I would like to add my supervisor.

*The Degree Programme Committee approves and grades the thesis based on the statement(s) given by the supervisor and the advisor. The supervisor and advisor may write either a joint statement or separate statements.

Thesis Advisers: Moritz Dörstelmann, Marshall PradoThesis Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges

Your Honors advisor and your thesis supervisor may be the same person if (a) your thesis topic aligns with your Honors advisor’s research, or (b) your department’s policy is to switch your Honors advisor to your thesis supervisor.

thesis statement thesis supervisor thesis-oriented.

The maturity essay follows the procedure of the supervisor’s department.

Important You must leave time for your thesis supervisor to review and for you to make you can request a thesis.Request an extension of your thesis submission date.

Responsibilities of Supervisors in regard to Thesis and Defense

Students who include co-authored work in their thesis also need to clearly indicate to the examiners their contribution to the work, so the examiners are able to examine the component that is the student's work. Students are required to obtain the signed approval of the co-authors to include the work in the thesis or the coordinating supervisor can sign on behalf of the co-authors.

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The Honors student is required to make a public presentation of the thesis research in a format agreed with the thesis supervisor. Where possible, it is recommended that the audience includes the thesis supervisor and the second reader. It would be a matter for the supervisor to decide if the presentation would form part of the assessed work for the thesis course. Ideally, an IISP staff member would also be part of the audience. (The IISP staff member plays no role in the evaluation of the thesis.) Other faculty members and the student’s peers may be invited to join the presentation audience.

The master’s thesis supervisor is one of the professors of the school

We ask Honors students to identify a second reader for their thesis. The second reader should be a faculty member from a discipline relevant to the student’s thesis. The second reader may be in the same discipline as the supervisor or a different one. A second reader may provide the student with a different perspective and additional insights into how best to achieve the intended learning outcomes of the thesis. The thesis supervisor, in consultation with the student, determines when to bring the second reader on board. It is the supervisor’s prerogative to define how the grade for the thesis will be determined.

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Erin Donovan (Interpersonal)

Students enroll in UNIV 4697W using an independent study form. The thesis supervisor signs the instructor line. The department head line is signed by the Director of the IMJR Program (Monica van Beusekom) to reflect the required Program consent for course registration.