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As to my own part, havingturned my thoughts for many Years, upon this important Subject, andmaturely weighed the several Schemes of other Projectors, I have alwaysfound them grossly mistaken in their computation. It is true aChild, just dropt from it's Dam, may besupported by her Milk, for a Solar year with little otherNourishment, at most not above the Value of two Shillings, whichthe Mother may certainly get, or the Value in Scraps, by herlawful Occupation of begging, and it is exactly at one year Oldthat I propose to provide for them, in such a manner, as, insteadof being a Charge upon their Parents, or theParish, orwantingFood and Raiment for the rest of their Lives, they shall, onthe Contrary, contribute to the Feeding and partly to the Cloathingof many Thousands.

13. Call to Action-demonstrate or express the importance of moving ahead with the stand or claim

V. Concluding Paragraph (summary):
a) Restate thesis
b) Re-stress the importance of the topic
c) Look to the future
d) Stress the importance of taking action

What is the thesis statement in 'a modest proposal'?

Readers fail to realize the importance of irony because of its common usage in most literary works.

This research proposal will explore different types of tutoring models and offer an approach to help close the gap in the learning process of these students.

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For this assignment you will choose a problem, explain what causes it to be a problem, discuss the effects of the problem, propose solutions (an action plan) to solve the problem, engage in a cost/benefit analysis, and finally encourage the reader that your solutions are a really good idea.
a) What is your proposal about?
b) State the purpose of proposal
c) Background information
d) Why should the reader care?
e) Thesis statement (summarizes plan and explains why it will succeed)

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As to our City ofDublin, Shambles may beappointed for this purpose, in the most convenient parts of it, andButchers we may be assured will not be wanting, although I ratherrecommend buying the Children alive, and dressing them hot from theKnife, as we do roasting Pigs.

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For first, as I havealready observed, it would greatly lessen the Number ofPapists, with whom we are Yearly over-run, being the principalBreeders of the Nation, as well as our most dangerous Enemies, andwho stay at home on purpose with a design to deliver the Kingdomto the Pretender, hoping to take their Advantage by the absenceof so many good Protestants, who havechosen rather to leave their Country, than stay at home, and payTythes against their Conscience, to an idolatrousEpiscopal Curate.

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