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"Act of Courage arrest records of Rosa Parks." Social Education, May/ June 1999.

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was an activist for civil rights and being of Afro-American origin worked hard to win the equal rights for her relatives and friends and the whole Afro-American community of the country. She wanted the government and the society to treat all people equally and later she was honored as outstanding activist for peace and human rights. She lived in the dramatic period, when Afro-Americans were neglected and abused and hardly had any civil rights. Naturally, Rosa Parks did not enjoy such a situation and dreamed to change everything for the better. It is obvious that most of people simply got used to such treatment and only hoped that somebody will help them, but Parks was different. She protested actively and acted openly; demonstrated that she was against of such kind of society and struck for the rights for all Afro-Americans. She is known for cooperation with the world famous Martin Luther King, another striker for civil rights. They worked in the dangerous period when such thoughts could cost a life.

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Brinkley shows how Rosa Parks is a prime example of inspiration to people in his book, and is evidenced by his attitude in the excerpt, his choice of detail, and his textual reference....

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In this paper I will discuss Rosa Parks's background, her decision against standing up, and how she started the beginning of the American Civil Rights Movement....

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In order to write a successful research paper one has to read much about the topic. Read books, articles in newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias dedicated to the life of Rosa Parks. good biographies of the lady by the reputed writers will be useful to collect trustworthy data on the topic and make high-quality analysis of the personality. To collect thoughts in a good order it is useful to read free examples of research papers on Rosa Park and see how the paper of this kind can be presented by an expert.