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… Quantified differential contribution with respect to those climatic forcing factors may explain why the observed austral extratropical moistening pattern is primarily driven by the Antarctic ozone depletion, while mildly modulated by the cooling effect of equatorial Pacific SST and the increased greenhouse gases, respectively.

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Accordingly, the depletion of ozone can intensify the large scale stratospheric circulation pattern called the polar vortex.

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Using this model it is determined thatgreenhouse gases, solar irradiance, snow-ice albedo feedback and ozone depletioncan cause warming of the Earth's atmosphere.

Ozone (O3) is a triatomic form of oxygen

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This produces an amplification effect of any warming that occurs.Compared to the observed increase of surface temperature between 1975-2000of 0.55 K, the model using a snow-ice albedo feedback, produced an increaseof temperature of 1.4 K for greenhouse gases, 0.294 K for a solar irradiance increaseand 0.119 K caused by a decrease in the ozone layer.