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Once documents are completed and you have acquired all of the signatures, please return the form to 115 Kern Graduate Building. ORIGINAL signatures are REQUIRED!

Although the duplicate signature pages may be copies, the committee signatures must be original.

A student who has completed the thesis (with written approval from the thesis examiners committee) should submit at least three copies of thesis manuscript: two for thesis advisors and one for the study program. The copies of thesis manuscript are legalized with the signature from thesis examiners committee and the Dean.

Digital Signature Phd Thesis - …


The group of Peter Norberg (Department of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Biomedicine, Gothenburg University) has developed Genomic Signatures to analyze such data. Genomic Signatures are based on Machine Learning models, more specifically Variable Length Markov Chains (VLMk). These probabilistic models capture specifics of the DNA sequence from pathogens and other organisms and allow an analysis without resorting to comparisons to the terabytes of collections of known DNA sequences. Genomic Signatures are the topic of an on-going cooperations including jointly supervised students.