Recruitment and Selection Strategies

First of all one should define the workplace and imagine the ideal employee who possesses the list of the required qualities for that position. Then, one should create a good selection plan which the list of questions to the applicants. After that every applicant should be asked at the interview.

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The selection process of the hotel and airline service industries are largely defined by the intention of the industries towards their customers. The selection process in both hotel and airline industries for instance are defined by the ability of the individual to work in accordance with the requirements of the organizations (Inman et al 2014, P.100). Being part of the service industry, both hotel and service industries consider customers as the most essential part of their businesses. This means that these industries will be seeking the services of individuals with the ability of delivering exemplary services to their clients. In addition, the selection process in these industries also require the services of the human resource management in conjunction with experts from other departments who will help in the provision of expert opinion concerning the qualities that are most desirable in the execution responsibilities and in the delivery of expected responsibilities (Sisson 2000, p. 157).

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Ever since its establishment in 1974, British Airways has been one of the most successful airline companies in the world. This is despite the disappointing business experiences that characterized the activities of the company in 1990s. Human resource department at British Airways has been tasked with the role providing the company with the best strategies on how its employees can work towards the realization of company objectives (Sisson 2000, p. 146). The recruitment and selection process, which forms part of the responsibilities of the department, is considered as one of the most crucial determinants of the quality and number of employees that can work in identified vacancies (Cowling & Mailer 2013, p. 23). The main objective of this paper is to describe human resource management issues in British Airways. This will be realized through a discussion on employee relations, employment laws in on service industries business.

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British Airways has over the years been listed among the largest and the most progressive companies in terms of provision of quality services in the world with its services dedicated to Europe and countries in North America. The effective nature of human resource department is in its ability to recruit, select, train and engage in promotional activities (Sisson 2000, p. 146). In its recruitment process, human resource management in the company in conjunction with the concerned departments plays the role of ensuring that those qualified and shortlisted for interviews meet the academic and experience requirements of the company (Cowling & Mailer 2013, p. 24). The process of selecting the most appropriate employees for the available positions is considered as core in the definition of the roles of human resource department in British Airways. This is because through this process the company will be employing individual who have demonstrated their ability to work in the company’s environment and are willing to realize organizational goals (Sisson 2000, p. 147). The organization therefore looks up to the existing and established systems to ensure that the company generates one of the most outstanding and highly qualified personnel in accordance with the law and the core values that define operations in the company (Inman et al 2014, P.70).