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21 Sep 2013 I think that a PhD thesis/dissertation is an enrichment source of literature for the After all, PhD thesis is thoroughly reviewed by the advisor. .. However, now with the availability of theses online - I believe it is easier to have

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A custom thesis or dissertation is written for you by an online dissertation writing service for your own purposes, exactly the way you want it. Supply notes and all relevant information, and it's done.

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19. I must assume you're using some form of word processing on a computerto write your dissertation. (if you aren't, you've missed a major partof your doctoral preparation!) If your study has specific names of people,institutions and places that must be changed to provide anonymity don'tdo it too soon. Go ahead and write your dissertation using the real names.Then at the end of the writing stage you can easily have the computer makeall of the appropriate name substitutions. If you make these substitutionstoo early it can really confuse your writing.

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Step 1) Review the Publishing Options for Princeton University Dissertations; Step 2) Complete the online submission of your dissertation on the ProQuest

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According to Emily Kothe on Twitter () some universities already require students to post their thesis online upon submission, along with paper copies. When I submitted in July 2011 I was not required to do this, but having contacted the librarian at the university where I conducted my PhD, I learned that it has now become a requirement for students submitting their thesis from 2011/2012 onwards to submit a further digital copy. I missed out on this but have been informed that if I want to, I can make it available through this outlet. At present I am uncertain who is aware of this service, other than students who submit their thesis to it from now on, or who can access the service beyond the university, if at all. According to the online deposit for Lancaster University (which you can view ) there are benefits to both the student and the university itself:

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Theses and Dissertations As you prepare your final master's thesis or PhD dissertation, Review and follow all of the formal steps as outlined in this guide. Once your thesis or dissertation has been submitted online to UMI/Proquest, Phd Dissertations Online Review The

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12 Jul 2010 Or, are you searching for ideas for that paper that finalized your doctoral degree? You now can search online for many dissertations — some