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Marketing differs across cultures for various reasons, and some of these differences are striking. How does marketing differ across the world? What are the main reasons for these differences? Can investigating these reasons help lead to better marketing strategies across the world?

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Based on the analysis it was found that overall traditional advertising campaigns have a significant positive effect on the affiliate channel when measured by sales revenue and the number of sales.

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The internet is huge, with so much competition, where do most companies find themselves? For everyone who markets with an e-newsletter a consumer willingly subscribes to, there are those who send unwanted emails and disguise scams. How can honest marketers rise above the noise of the fakes?

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The psychology of persuasion has played a large part in marketing for a very long time. Indeed, marketing has been in the persuasion business since before the psychology of persuasion, as a field, even existed. Has marketing moved beyond the psychology of persuasion? Or will they always be inextricably linked?

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The second objective of this study was to provide a better understanding of affiliate marketing, a specific form of digital advertising, as it remains a largely untouched area of academic research.

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How do Facebook ads affect you? What about recommendations on Twitter, or a photograph of a product on Pinterest? Social media is everywhere, and nearly everyone with internet access has an account with at least one of them. Are the advertising dollars spent on sites like these possibly worth a lot more than a traditional ad?

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The AAF SME Fund, a private equity fund focused on African food production and processing, managed by Databank Agrifund Manager Limited (DAFML), has successfully closed its investment in Interfresh Limited, Zimbabwe. Interfresh is a leading agribusiness focusing on the production, processing and marketing of agricultural and allied products and services.

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A lot of what defines a company as who they are can be lost in translation. How does marketing to a different culture, particularly in a different language, affect the identity of the brand and how people around the world will view that brand? You could explore restaurant chains such as McDonald's, or any other business that has branched out world-wide.