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Sales staff, 105
Satisfaction, 125, 217
Seasonality, 15
Segmentation, 89
Sequence alignment, 159
Service quality, 75, 197
Services, 125
Ski resorts, 233
Social distance, 129
Social interaction, 177, 187
Sociology, 47
Social psychology, 47
Spain, 247, 253
Sport fishing anglers, 89
Stakeholder theory, 233
Structural equation model, 217
Structural equation modeling, 197
Sustainable tourism, 233
Symbolic power, 267

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Questionnaire design: The measurement instrument in this study is based on the SERVQUAL’s five distinct dimensions of 22-item scale proposed by and evaluation instrument on KRTS service quality and measurement instrument about Taipei Metropolis Areas MRT service quality. We mainly take 22 statements of five dimensions in SERVQUAL instrument as the principal and refer to service quality features (question items) of rapid transit system contained in each dimensions presented on , researches to obtain the final 27 amended question items () in the questionnaire and take as the KRTS service quality features in this study.

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The most common measure of traditional service quality SERVQUAL was developed by which has received considerable attention. argued that the primary value of SERVQUAL lies on its powerful benchmarking, diagnostic and perspective tools. However, the SERVQUAL scale does not best fit the online services and hence many studies have tried to enlarge its conceptualization to the e-commerce context. Although SERVQUAL’s five dimensions were developed based on traditional market services, several authors have used the same dimensions in the online environment (). supported this approach by stating that some dimensions of SERVQUAL scale are fit to be used in the online environment with the addition of some technical dimensions. Based on study, basic dimensions impacted service quality in online shopping through modifications and these dimensions contained website design, reliability, responsiveness, trust and personalization. Such practice was also evident in some research. For instance, modified the SERVQUAL scale in his study of the e-service environment and he proceeded to identify 11 dimensions namely ease of navigation, access, flexibility, efficiency, reliability, security/privacy, customization/personalization, responsiveness, site aesthetics, assurance/trust and price knowledge.

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When SERVQUAL and/or Gaps Analysis is not the foundation of the semester-long consulting project, one or both of the following exercises will be implemented in class, as time permits.