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Trough proper education, family planning, country policies and support of scientific research population density can be successfully controlled and our future will seem more prosperous.

Some educators have devised innovative approaches to teaching diverse student populations.

Steven Hawkins is executive vice president and chief program officer of the NAACP, which will be releasing a report on the impact of incarceration costs on education in early 2011.

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What are the characteristics of rural adult learners in an adult educationprogram? (too narrow)

Interpreting the NCES figures as percentages of the whole body of high school graduates in the years being considered, one finds that in 1976 the non-traditional segment of the students amounted to about 7.2%---by 1999 that figure had risen to 14.0%---clearly indicating a percentage increase in the non-traditional cultures represented in the population of college matriculates from the mid-1970s to the end of the 1990s.

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Research has shown that in the past few generations, the population of immigrants in the United States has tripled. In many school systems, English Language Learners (ELLs) have become the fastest growing section of the student population: and despite that fact, “less than 13 percent of teachers have received professional development on teaching ELLs” (The National Council of English’s James R. Squire Office of Policy Research, 2008). Through my field-based experience and the research I have read over the past two to three years, I have found a need for stronger curricula and units geared towards English Language Learners. In some cases, ELLs are pulled out of their regular classroom for language support by a trained ELL teacher. In other schools and/or districts, there are specific classrooms designed just for ELL students which are called Sheltered English Immersion classrooms. In these classrooms, however, the teachers are still required to use the same curricula as the rest of the teachers and then modify it to fit the needs of the ELL students. The goal of this thesis project was to create a specific unit for Sheltered English Immersion classrooms that is geared toward ELL students, providing them and their teachers with the necessary framework, lesson plans, and materials to promote student learning. because there is still a deficiency in the knowledge base of many teachers about ELL students and their needs, this thesis was prefaced with an introduction about second language acquisition and the needs of this growing group of students.

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Multiculturalism in education is an important issue to many school personnel, but perhaps may be of utmost importance to beginning teachers. These teachers may find themselves in multicultural classrooms for the first time, which can be a difficult adjustment. Therefore, the diverse needs of the class are a new obstacle to overcome. This guide is being created to aid beginning educators with teaching in a multicultural environment. Four surveys addressing attitudes toward multiculturalism and responses to hypothetical scenarios will be administered to the following groups: teachers of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, teachers of first through third grades, students with no teaching experience, and students with education majors or concentrations. It is expected that teachers in multicultural classrooms will be more sensitive to diverse student needs. On the other hand, students who have not been exposed to such environments may have different approaches when responding to the hypothetical situations in the surveys. The final product will consist of a guide for beginning teachers including discussion of the survey results, a review of current literature regarding multiculturalism in education, as well as some suggestions for teaching effectively in a diverse environment.

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22. Dissertation-style writing is not designed to be entertaining. Dissertationwriting should be clear and unambiguous. To do this well you should preparea list of key words that are important to your research and then your writingshould use this set of key words throughout. There is nothing so frustratingto a reader as a manuscript that keeps using alternate words to mean thesame thing. If you've decided that a key phrase for your research is "educationalworkshop", then do not try substituting other phrases like "in-serviceprogram", "learning workshop", "educational institute",or "educational program." Always stay with the same phrase -"educational workshop." It will be very clear to the reader exactlywhat you are referring to.