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Modality de dicto is the modality of propositions(‘dictum’ means proposition, orclose enough). If modality were coextensive with modality dedicto, it would be at least a defensible position that the topicof modality belongs to logic rather than to metaphysics. (Indeed, thestudy of modal logics goes back to Aristotle's PriorAnalytics.)

Another technique of metaphysical poetry was the constant use of intellect and metaphors....

But there are also questions about time that have no spatialanalogues—or at least no obvious and uncontroversialanalogues. There are, for example, questions about the grounds ofvarious asymmetries between the past and the future—why is ourknowledge of the past better than our knowledge of the future?; why dowe regard an unpleasant event that is about to happen differently fromthe way we regard an unpleasant event that has recently happened?; whydoes causation seem to have a privileged temporal direction? There donot seem to be objective asymmetries like this in space.

Written in 1924, for the journal , but not published.

His style became known as metaphysical, a name given to such poets by critics.

Van Inwagen (1998) defends the position that, althoughthe modern problem of free will has its origin in philosophicalreflections on the consequences of supposing the physical universe tobe governed by deterministic laws, the problem cannot be evaded byembracing a metaphysic (like dualism or idealism) that supposes thatagents are immaterial or non-physical. This leads into our next andfinal sample of topics from the “new” metaphysics.

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The metaphysical poets is a term coined by the ..

Whatever the reason for the change may have been, it would beflying in the face of current usage (and indeed of the usage of thelast three or four hundred years) to stipulate that the subject-matterof metaphysics was to be the subject-matter ofAristotle's Metaphysics. It would, moreover, fly in the faceof the fact that there are and have been paradigmatic metaphysicianswho deny that there are first causes—this denial is certainly ametaphysical thesis in the current sense—others who insist thateverything changes (Heraclitus and any more recent philosopher who isboth a materialist and a nominalist), and others still (Parmenides andZeno) who deny that there is a special class of objects that do notchange. In trying to characterize metaphysics as a field, the beststarting point is to consider the myriad topics traditionally assignedto it.

All the metaphysical poems uses a metaphor to ..

If metaphysics now considers a wider range of problems than thosestudied in Aristotle's Metaphysics, those original problemscontinue to belong to its subject-matter. For instance, the topic of“being as such” (and “existence as such”, if existence issomething other than being) is one of the matters that belong tometaphysics on any conception of metaphysics. The following theses areall paradigmatically metaphysical:

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