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I have been particularly fascinated by such courses as Mass Communication, Theories of Journalism, Theories of Broadcasting and Television Journalism, and History of Western Journalism, which have allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the principles of journalism and to examine journalism in a historical context.

Technology of our time has the ability to extend the possibilities of human life and communication.

The shift in regulatory control had a powerful effect on the media landscape. Whereas initially laws had prohibited companies from owning media entities in more than one medium, consolidation created large mass-media companies that increasingly dominated the U.S. and global media system. Before the increase in deregulation, eight major companies controlled phone services to different regions of the United States. Today, however, there are four. Companies such as Viacom and Disney own television stations, record companies, and magazines. Bertelsmann alone owns more than 30 radio stations, 280 publishing outlets, and 15 record companies. Due to this rapid consolidation, Congress grew concerned about the costs of deregulation, and by the late 1980s, it began to slow the FCC’s release of control.

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In light of the interest in corporate journalism, and the lack of research conducted in the field, the purpose of this book has been to discuss and answer to what extent, and in what ways, journalistic principles and practices can be applied to internal communication in a contributing manner.

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A new PhD thesis from Dublin City University has been published online. In the thesis, Henry Silke writes about the growing symbiotic relationship between business, communication networks and the mass media.

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TV is the shepherd.” Mass media is simply communication – whether written, broadcast, or spoken – that reaches a large audience and it is a significant force in today’s world.

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He explores the role of mass media in the Irish economic crisis. Silke found a source bias towards financial interests and mainstream politics, and concludes that market orientated framing is consistently found across the papers.

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In Tom Cooper’s (2008) In Between the Summits: What Americans Think About Media Ethics, he states: While some concerns such as deception, invasion of privacy, advertising saturation, and excessive violence apply to multiple channels of communication, others are medium specific.

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Evangelicals utilized forms of industrial communication such as radio, television, motion pictures, and contemporary music to promote and spread the word of Christianity....

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A: Yes. MTSU is an open enrollment university, which means that you may enroll in one course in the Mass Communication program before being formally admitted into our program. However, only certain classes are permitted for students not formally admitted and require a permission of department to enroll. You must be admitted to the program in the semester after you apply for admission into the Mass Communication program in order to continue taking courses in the program.