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Due to concern about the current state of the world's oceans, several large scale scientific projects have begun to investigate the condition of our oceans. These projects are making use of underwater video sequences to monitor marine species. The move to using underwater video monitoring introduces labour intensive manual processing techniques. This leads to the need for an automated system capable of processing the data at a much greater speed. This project investigated whether the development of suitable image processing techniques could be used for pre-processing underwater images from a fish farm and locating fish within these images using computer vision techniques.

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In order to aid visual interpretation, visual appearance of the objects in the image can be improved by image enhancement techniques such as grey level stretching to improve the contrast and spatial filtering for enhancing the edges.

Thesis on image enhancement techniques

The examples below represent only a few of the many techniques availablefor operating on images.

The main applications in the field of image processing are medical image enhancement, image compression and decompression, object detection in image, feature extraction in images.

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Now days applications require various kinds of images as sources of information for interpretation and inspection. Image enhancement is method of applying different alterations to an input image to make the resultant image more pleasing or to provide a better transform presentation for future automated image processing techniques. Many images like medical images, images of satellites, and even real life photographs suffer from poor sharpness and noisy effects. This is essential to enhance the contrast and remove the noise to increase picture standard. One is presenting a review on various image enhancement techniques for sharpening enhancement. However, these techniques are able to bring noticeable changes in the images and sometimes also produces unwanted artifacts in many cases. These problems need to be resolved so that better enhancement may be performed in future work. This paper proposes a new work for enhancement by using artificial intelligence schemes.

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Image enhancement is based on the multi scale singularity detection with an adaptive threshold whose value is calculated via maximum entropy measure. Wavelet transforms are used because of their inherent property that they are redundant and shift invariant. Intensity changes occur at different scales in an image, so that their optimal detection requires the use of operators of different sizes. So, a vision filter should be a differential operator, and it should be capable of being tuned to act at any desired scale and the wavelets are ideal for this. Principle objective of Image enhancement is to process an image so that result is more suitable than original image for specific application. This paper will provide an overview of underlying concepts commonly used for image enhancement.