Douglas Levy ('04)
Title of thesis: "Investigating Policies to Reduce Tobacco Use and Harm: Findings and Methods"

: Statistics & Evaluative Science
AHRQ Post-doctoral Fellow in Health Services Research, Harvard School of Public Health

H. Thomas Stelfox ('04)
Title of thesis: "Patient Safety and Errors of Omission"

Statistics & Evaluative Science
Critical Care Medicine Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital

 - Case Management research papers examine the role of a case manager in healthcare today.

It is therefore not suitable for hypothesis testing but is amenable to a qualitative and discursive assessment of, firstly, the punitive nature of New Zealand’s medical regulatory system; secondly, changes in both punishment and medical professional accountability following the 2005 no-fault compensation reforms; thirdly, the patient safety data generated under the reformed compensation scheme; fourthly, whether these data can be analysed to identify learning for patient safety; and, fifthly, whether a UK safety culture educational tool could be adapted to the New Zealand general practice context and used to improve safety culture.

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Construction workers are dependent on contractors to provide work for them. Most employers are small, with 81 percent having less than ten employees (CPWR, 2002, p. 2, table 2b). In addition, the industry has witnessed a phenomenal rise in "independent contractors" (CPWR, 2002, p. 21, chart 21 c), individuals for hire on a contractual basis who have no formal employer and are thus exempt both from OSHA regulations and other regulations involving workers' compensation insurance and employment taxes. Also, the use of "temporary workers" from temp agencies has risen dramatically. Increasingly, construction work is managed by "construction managers" who have no direct construction employees and merely contract out all the work to subcontractors and independent contractors. Use of temporary workers and independent contractors can reduce economic pressures for safety. Workers that are injured are easily replaced and do not affect compensation.

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Developing a culture of safety entails changing health professionals’ attitudes and behaviour from reticence and defensiveness about medical error and injury to openness and learning.

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- Healthcare Regulations research papers discuss the laws and statutes on the federal, state, and local level that are used to protect the health and safety of citizens.

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The supposition that wages in construction are higher than other industries is often cited as an example of wage differentials given to workers in dangerous jobs (Viscusi, 1983.). This is thought to be another way that market forces regulate safety by making unsafe work more expensive. Yet, injury rates, while dropping in recent years, have not paralleled wage rates in general. Also, wages in blue collar work are lower than in white collar occupations which are much safer. In fact, this has created a major problem for the recruitment of workers into the construction industry. Although the starting wage for apprentices may be at $9 or $10 an hour, they can now get comparable wages in much safer and less physically demanding jobs. It is increasingly difficult to attract people into construction, especially those with more education and skills. Also, philosophically speaking, wage differentials are objectionable because they provide financial rewards for people to take risky jobs instead of making the jobs safer for everyone.

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- Medical students and nursing students will be facing the dreary task of exploring the phenomena of healthcare rationing in their collegiate studies.

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- Mandatory Influenza Vaccination for Health Care Workers research papers delve into a sample of an order placed to help a student compete their masters degree.