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The is a compilation of military and commercial goods and technologies that Australia regulates. The goods, software and technologies on the list are agreed in conjunction with members of various international non-proliferation and export control regimes. These items either have a military use, or can be used to develop weapons of mass destruction.

2. The export formats will display and you can drag the selection option to the desired format.

The (DSGL) is the list that specifies the goods, software or technology that is regulated when exported, supplied, brokered or published. A permit is required when exporting, supplying, brokering or publishing items, unless there is an exemption.


exports data to a file, converting it to the format corresponding to the file extension .

1. Select the references you want to export (click on the grey bar for a single reference). Drag the selection option or reference to on the .

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So, from the period the Structural Adjustment programme was introduced in Nigeria, concerted efforts had been made to diversify Nigerian export sector by promoting non-oil exports (Ogbonna et al, 2013; Okafor, 2016).

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According to Iyoha and Oriakhi (2002), in spite of SAP, the well-publicized attempts to diversify the economy have not been successful.

Although Harb (2008) found that oil revenues have no long-run effect on the macro performance of the economy and as such, cannot be blamed for a bad performance of the economy, Zafar (2004) argues that volatility has become a prominent and endemic feature of the world economy, and pronounced fluctuations in commodity prices, especially oil, have had a negative effect on the macroeconomic performance of many developing countries.

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They argue that the export promotion policy stance, which also emphasizes the diversification of markets, appears not to be yielding desired results because exports to Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries still dominate.

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He stressed that the management of volatility is very difficult in oil-exporting countries in the developing world because fiscal revenue and macroeconomic performance are highly sensitive to fluctuations in the international oil price.

The year 2009 was overcast by the global financial and economic crisis, which was precipitated in August 2007 by the collapse of the sub-prime lending market in the United States.

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The crisis led to the crash of most other sectors and markets across Europe with consequent effect on developing economies especially oil-export dependent countries like Nigeria.