There's skinny barcodes and fat barcodes.

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There's postal barcodes and international barcodes.

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And there's even barcodes for the humble "bumble-bee".

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In fortification, the posts are set two or three inches apart, parallel to the parapet in the covered way, to prevent a surprize.Does all this "prove" John is describing a "barcode"?

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All three guard bars contain the pattern "bar-space-bar" or "101".

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Not the number one, or two, or three, etc.

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I do seem to remember something about a mark on the RIGHT hand (Rev.

The check digit is an "old-programmer's trick" to validate the other digits (number system character, manufacturer code, and product code) were read correctly.

Laurer's UPC barcode entered the world, and the rest is history.

The left side numbers are actually the "inverted" or "mirrored" codes of the right side numbers, for instance what is a "bar" on the right-side, is a "space" on the left-side.