Principles of Dance Movement TherapyMarian Chace 1993

For requirements and more information about these programs, This program provides an integration of dance/movement therapy and counseling.

There is therapy for mentally ill patients and massage therapy for relaxation purposes.

After looking further into the career, one may decide to pursue career in physical therapy because of the responsibilities of the job, the education and training needed, and the benefits after retiring...

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Coordinators: National Centre for Dance Therapy Les Grands Ballet and CHU Sainte-Justine.

Physical Therapists use a variation of different exercises and stretches to better the patient according to their complaints, medical history, and doctors’ notes, or orders.

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Preand post measurements were completed on each person which included the Multi- Directional Reach Test, the GAITRite analysis and completion of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale .

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If you can't find a local teacher who suits the above criteria, you can still start learning to dance through video and other resources. The article offers suggestions on how to proceed.

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Using a Randomization Complete Block Design, the subjects were placed in the treatment group, to participant in 18 dance therapy sessions over 8 weeks, or the control group, to continue with normal activities in the aging in place facility.

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Lucy Lipschitz advises, "Rejoice in your life!! That is the most important. Your life is your victory! Next, follow your heart, go where you feel welcome, leave when you don't feel honored. This includes dance class, other dancers, troupe dancing, whatever. If you feel it is a toxic situation, leave it. Look for other venues. And don't be afraid to use as many avenues as possible to heal."

American Journal of Dance Therapy, 2(2), 69–90.

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If emotional healing is your goal, stay away from teachers who say catty or gossipy things about other dancers. Such teachers often don't provide a wholesome emotional environment in their classes.