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Lacey has always been fascinated by people and why they do the things they do. It’s a passion that led her to a formal education in psychology and to her initial role with Brandtrust as a consumer researcher. In her current role, as a Senior Consultant, Lacey helps clients discover new ways of seeing consumer drivers to achieve critical competitive advantage. She has worked for a wide array of clients, including Coke, Honda, Eli Lilly, Kraft Foods, FedEx, Intel and General Mills.

“My passion is making brands and businesses better for the people they serve.”

“When a person purchases one brand over another,” Jonathan suggests, “the decision is made more based on an idea of the product than the actual reality of the product. They’re buying the specific promise of what the brand is going to do for them, as much as the practical benefit of the product itself.”

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“At Brandtrust, we all have a shared passion to help our clients and each other; that makes it feel like a family.”

As Executive Assistant, Mary supports key administrative and business development needs for a very active executive team. As part of this, she has a strong focus on helping teams nurture critical relationships with clients. In short, she is a master behind the scenes, making sure Brandtrust is able to delight clients from multiple angles and perspectives.

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Alyssa’s focus on relationships doesn’t stop with her clients. She is a highly valued team member at Brandtrust for her commitment to her peers. She describes one of her favorite parts about working at Brandtrust as “creating and maintaining relationships with colleagues and clients. There is a unique kind of trust and kinship that is built among teams when you’re on the road together, working to understand what makes people tick and how to leverage that into a strategic solution.”

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During his time with Brandtrust, Christian has helped craft brand solutions for Hewlett Packard, Nestlé, Honda, Kraft, Amgen and General Mills, among others.

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Relationships are the drivers of success. They inform every area of business and personal life. Alyssa understands this, and lives the ideals of successful client relationships in her role as . Her work with Whirlpool Corporation, Merck, AIG, and Brown-Forman, among many others, has focused on building lasting partnerships between company and customer, client and consultant. Or, as she puts it, her role is to “partner with clients to help them overcome obstacles. Together we examine external perceptions as well as internal cultural dynamics in order to create a strategic road map for their internal and external brands.”

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“I love the chance to be exposed to so many different industries, companies, and brands. I’ve always been the kind of person who wants to know something about everything, and I try to be as informed as possible.”

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The combination of Lacey’s education and previous experience in medical sales and as an entrepreneur has enabled her to become particularly adept at helping clients uncover subtle emotional nuances that frame people’s beliefs, feelings and motivations. She says, “The best part of working at Brandtrust is when we sit down and put our heads together to figure out the underlying what and why of the topic we’re studying. To be in a place that is so driven by authentic curiosity and intellectual engagement makes it easy to come to work every day.”