The educational work of each academic year comprises two semesters.

Experimental Nuclear and Nucleon Physics; Nuclear and High Energy Theory Nuclear Energy | Université Paris Saclay The Master of Science Nuclear Energy is fully taught in English (for both the Master 1 The Master takes advantage of the outstanding teaching and research Dr.

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Volume 2 of Reviews in PER is dedicated to helping researchers get started in Physics Education Research.

In this review article, a member of the PER community presents an overview of an area of PER:

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Thesis preparation

Students Interested to conduct a doctoral thesis in the Hellenic Open University, should communicate with a member of the Academic staff, with scientific interests relevant to the scientific field, in which the candidate wishes to conduct the thesis.

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Student Assessment

As regards the postgraduate students’ assessment and progress, this depends on their passing the written and/or oral examinations in the courses specified by the programme in question, taking into consideration their participation in overall research, writing and educational activities and obligations defined in the Programme and the regulation of operation of the Postgraduate course.

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Finally, as already mentioned in section "Bachelor – Employability", a special innovation and career office operates in each Higher Education Institution, providing students and graduates with information on matters of career, as well as career counseling services, supporting them, both in the diagnosis of their skills and inclinations, as well as in career choice issues, further studies and in finding work, while it is responsible for organizing students' practical training.

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Progression of Students

Students’ progress and promotion depend on their passing the examinations in the subjects specified by the respective Postgraduate Course, as well as their participation in the overall research, writing and educational activities and obligations foreseen in the Postgraduate Curriculum framework.

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As regards the Hellenic Open University Postgraduate courses, the methodology employed is "distance learning", including for each module:

• Five meetings of tutors with students.

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• Supervision and guidance on writing papers and conducting research in specific subject areas.
• Invitation to other academic and/or research staff both from Greek and foreign Higher Education Institutions.