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As Powdermaker points out, "[i]n , Hitler wrote about Fate as sometimes cruel and other times loving. Whether it is called Fate, destiny, or breaks, the underlying concept is the same: man gives up the attempt to exercise some control over his life through his own intelligence, because he thinks forces beyond his domain completely direct it." Powdermaker also suggests that the " . . . totalitarian concept of man is not limited to human relationships in Hollywood, but is reflected in many movies."

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It is also appropriate to specifically point out, that in a series of books that allege and provide persuasive evidence that Hollywood is controlled by a small group of Jewish males of European heritage, who are politically liberal and not very religious, and who have gained and maintain their control over the U.S. film business by unfair, unethical, anti-competitive, predatory, and, in some cases, illegal business practices, including rampant nepotism, favoritism, cronyism, blacklisting and other forms of discrimination, it is most relevant to then show that a disproportionate number of the producers, directors, writers, actors and actresses benefiting from that discrimination, also have a Jewish heritage. The above survey and this book's chapters on "More Bias in Motion Picture Biographies" and "Patterns of Bias: Movies Mirror Their Makers" do just that.

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Also, in contrast to the above record, only 26 people from the American South were featured in Hollywood biopics and they were mostly portrayed in a negative manner, as gangsters, outlaws or stereotypical country-western entertainers. Thus, this study of Hollywood biopics further confirms a significant Hollywood prejudice towards persons from the American South as well as other religious, ethnic, cultural, racial or regional groups arbitrarily excluded from the Hollywood insiders club [the persons who control Hollywood and share a common background (i.e., Jewish males of European heritage who are politically liberal and not very religious)].