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Indian Economic Journal (IEJ) is a quarterly Journal of the Indian Economic Association. IEJ is a prominent Journal published by the IEA regularly since 1946. It is presently published by SAGE Publications, with Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat as its Editor-in-chief. It provides economists and academicians an exclusive forum for publishing their work pertaining to theoretical understanding of economics as well as empirical policy analysis of economic issues in broader context. The journal covers all the areas of economic sciences globally.

Includes 80 biographies of famous economists with a focus on explaining their contributions.

TO BUILD a better world, we must have the courage to makea new start. We must clear away the obstacles with whichhuman folly has recently encumbered our path and releasethe creative energy of individuals; We must createconditions favorable to progress rather than "planningprogress. " It is not those who cry for more "planning" whoshow the necessary courage, nor those who preach a "NewOrder," which is no more than a continuation of thetendencies of the past 40 years; and who can think ofnothing better than to imitate Hitler. It is, indeed, thosewho cry loudest for a planned economy who are mostcompletely under the sway of the ideas which have createdthis war and most of the evils from which we suffer. The guiding principle in any attempt to create a world offree men must be this: A policy of freedom for theindividual is the only truly progressive policy.

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Lalor, was written in the late 1800s--at the height of the marginal revolution in economics.

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If you are doing a thesis that requires empirical data, one of your biggest obstacles is likely to be assembling your data base. Since you cannot proceed with your econometric work until your data are in place, the prompt completion of your data collection is of critical importance. It is important to recognize that data collection is subject to the "90/10 Rule. Ninety percent of the time you spend obtaining data will be devoted to ten percent of the data series. Much of what you need is likely to be easily available through standard published or electronic sources. But there will be other data series for which you will have to search extensively and some you may not ever find. Do not be fooled by the ease with which you obtain the first series; there are almost always snags.

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Once you have reviewed the relevant literature and collected the data you need for any empirical work you plan to do, you are ready to get down to the central task of research: generating results. The way that you achieve these results depends entirely on the research methodology you and your advisor have chosen. It may involve theoretical reasoning using economic models, combining and/or comparing the results of others, interpreting numerical data, estimating coefficients and testing hypotheses using econometric methods, or conducting experiments.

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Each of these papers will contain citations to earlier work on related topics. Other references can be found be searching for appropriate keywords in EconLit, which indexes all economics books and journals, or one of the public-affairs or newspaper indexes. These indexes are available online through the website. If you cast your net broadly at the beginning, you are less likely to be surprised at the end to find that someone else has done research that diminishes the impact or credibility of your own work.