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Buildings and Wind: A Software-Based Design Methodology

This is a huge topic, worthy of a whole monograph or text book, and we cannot here do more than provide some basic guidelines and tips. What we have also done is to provide some examples of research which has been published in the pages of Emerald journals, in the hope that this may provide inspiration as examples of good practice, or that you may see a particular methodology which you might consider applying to your own research.

Software sequence for the design methodology


However, there are anumber of ethical concerns when it comes to using the observationmethod. For example, are the people being observed aware of thisfact? Have they consented to this? Suppose some of the people showtheir disapproval of being used as a subject for a study, can theirnames be removed while carrying on the study of other people? Theseconcerns make this method a less ethical one than others. Of course,if you have managed to get to sort out these problems and have themon documented record, then you can go ahead and use this methodology.

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– Using interviews is a widely used and flexible method for gettingqualitative data regarding experiences of people, their feelings, andviews. An interview works like a guided conversation between you as aresearcher and the person who is being interviewed, referred to asthe informant.

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The methodology youchoose is highly dependent on your research questions and the earlierresearch work done on the same topic. Your college library will be agreat place to start your research. You can speak to the librarianand he or she will be able to help you in this regard as well.

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Books on your chosentopic will also give you hints on the broad philosophy of theresearch conducted and you could then use this data to arrive at thebest methodology for your thesis. Call Prescott Papers for .

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You must then talkabout your research questions and explain how you are planning toaddress them using the chosen methodology. You should clearly stateif the methodology you have chosen is tried and tested or is it anexperimental one. If it is the latter, then how are you planning torely on the outcomes and what measures have you taken to plugpotential loopholes in the chosen methodology.

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The conclusion ofyour methodology section should summarize your approach and researchmethods and present the most potential challenges that you think youwill face. You must also include how you intend to overcome thesechallenges.