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When you place your custom, or embed code, in the Multi-Media box input area ( Design Options screen, over on the right) be sure to wrap it in the tags with the name you assigned.

A little while back I published a tutorial on how to make use of the Multi-Media box in Thesis.

Thesis theme 1.6 has two similar features as feature box and multimedia box. By default multimedia box available above the sidebars. If you don’t want In this video tutorial explains about two things first how to enable feature box and second how to display featured posts inside the feature box.

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For example, you could create a promotional video for a product and then create a function in your custom functions file to display that video in the Multi-Media Box only on posts assigned to a specific tag or category.

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There are countless reasons you’d want to style your Multi-Media box, but probably the most obvious is when you want to use it to contain a newsletter opt-in form.