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The technology sector has traditionally served as an essential constituent in any investment portfolio, and we believe that innovation and invention often associated with this sector will ultimately drive the next leg of growth in the stock market. We seek out technology companies that have proprietary technologies which will provide them with the competitive advantage for sustainable growth, and favor companies that have a stellar track record in pushing the frontiers of technology in their respective subsectors. At BSD, we believe buying and holding these companies and are trading at reasonable valuations will maximize our returns and minimize our risks over the long term.

We are a private, independent investment management firm focused in the technology sector.

PhD thesis. 1995, Asset-Liability Management in Life Insurance, Towards a Theory of Liability driven Investment Management, Meije Smink. 1995, Exploring .

An Introduction to Investment Theory

JULY 2013 – BSD initiates the systematic Global Technology Hedge Fund investment thesis

whatever they would have earned on a specified level of investment in the fund. This was a way
for the partners to profit even further from the fund’s success, and to receive favorable tax
treatment (although it exposed them to losses if the fund underperformed). The bank, on the
other hand, would have a potentially enormous liability if the fund continued to do well, in
exchange for a relatively small return. Clearly, this was a difficult plan to sell to any bank.

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Jul 13, 2011 . Urrea, Jorge (2002) Regional development and the action of public investment: the FNDR and the ERDF, a comparative analysis. PhD thesis .

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LTCM ’s biggest concern was to find new winning investments. It began placing directional bets
that financial instruments would move in a specific direction, rather than the more cautious
hedged bets on differences between two instruments, in which it was indifferent if the prices
went up or down. LTCM increased its equity activity, betting on a decline in the U.S. stock
market by shorting options in major corporations. The size of LTCM ’s transactions was
enormous; it took positions that were too large to liquidate quickly.

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Abstract. The thesis entitled “Essays on the Microeconomic Dynamics of Investment and Employment: Studying the Nature of Adjustment Costs” explores the .

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"Alex Torgovitsky's dissertation proposes new approaches to the . for the best Ph.D. thesis dealing with an applied problem in Business and Economic Statistics. . and Time Series Data: An Investigation of Company Investment Behavior." .

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Jun 14, 2010 . Ali, Fathi A. Ahmed (2010) Essays on foreign direct investment, institutions, and economic growth. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow. Full text .