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As a result of international trade, consumers around the world enjoy a broader selection of products than they would if they only had access to domestically made products. Also, in response to the ever-growing flow of goods, services and capital, a whole host of U.S. government agencies and international institutions has been established to help manage these rapidly-developing trends.

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3. Entertaining
Entertainment is a big part in the indian culture. Indian entertainment comes with all sorts of food and activities. For example, if you soon to be business partner invites you to a party is best to bond and get to know the people around personally rather than take business. As its understood that in Australia this can somehow be seen as “not professional”, the person that wants to do business with the other needs to adjust and get familiar with how they do things in that specific country.

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In recent years China has experienced an economic slowdown along with the rest of the world, but many worry that because of its position in the world market, any downturn will have a global impact. In the years leading up to the global recession China was growing at an unprecedented pace. However, the Beijing government recently predicted a rate of seven percent growth, for the next year, a slowdown for the previously hot Chinese economy (Kurlantzick, 2013). China maintains the world’s largest reserves of US treasuries, which makes it vital in determining the amount of trade that occurs in the world market.

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Requirements for Regression Analysis 1. This is to be included in a Dissertation ‘Effect of Recession on International trade of UK’. Build a regression model which is relevant to that topic. 2. Graph has to be plotted for regression analysis. (Linear Regression Analysis to be used) 3. GDP (of UK) and Exchange rate (eg. £ vs US $) will be the independent variables. (X Axis). 4. Dependent variable will be International trade of UK (Y Axis). 5. References, Methodology and Discussion should be there. Data should be taken from reliable sources and should be clearly mentioned. 6. One frame period has to be fixed for example from 2006 to 2010. Referencing Requirements: harvard referencing

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The number of companies operating internationally is increasing constantly. The world is opening up for foreign firms and new destinations and international trade is increasing. However firms operating abroad are faced with a few difficulties in terms of creating new relationships and partnerships. When expanding internationally, some challenges the company must handle are new and unfamiliar.

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3. “In the two-good, two-country model with increasing costs, the degree of specialization is determined only by considering society’s preferences as illustrated with indifference curves. However, in the same model, the post-trade consumption point in each country can be determined without indifference curves.” Is the above statement true or false? Explain.

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The major issue in international trade is cultural differences such as (language) barrier. Businesses trading internationally may have problems with communication and not getting enough information on the products they are importing from.