Theses Related to Data Mining and Database Systems

WQX Web is a web-based application designed to assist smaller organizations with submitting data via WQX. WQX Web is a tool that converts text files (such as comma or tab-delimited files) into a valid WQX submission file (based on the WQX schema). WQX Web also interacts with the Central Data Exchange (CDX), which is the EPA's portal through which all environmental data is expected to flow. WQX Web is also a data conversion and validation tool, providing support for user-defined file formats and user-defined translations to WQX-compliant values for items like Characteristics, Taxonomic Names, Units of Measure, etc.

Furthermore, the creation of a Knowledge Repository, containing both Data Warehouse.

Data mining and data warehousing using granular What are some good topics for a Master's Thesis on Data Mining You can easily Google for research topics.

and Data Mining components, are recommended for the FAA.

Master Thesis In Data Warehousing

1. The Characteristic domain values provide information on substances asdefined by the USEPA Note, there are a small number of exceptions which are recognized by the USEPAWQX system.
To Request a new Characteristic provide the following as applicable:
Name, EPA SRS Number (n/a), CAS Number (n/a), Documentation/URL, if no SRS/CAS Number.

2. The Taxon domain values are biological names primarily stewarded by theand the .Taxonomic names from academic journals or accredited sources may also be addedif reference information is provided (i.e. a URL or citation). Click to view updated taxon names as of 09/25/2013.
To Request a new Taxon provide the following as applicable:
Name, Taxon Rank, Kingdom, URL, Author & Year, ITIS Identifier (n/a), ITIS Parent Identifier (one taxon rank above) - (n/a)

3. The Analytical Procedures domain values are confined by the both USEPA andthe ,with a small number of exceptions also implemented by the USEPA WQX system.
To Request a new "National" Method provide the following as applicable:
Method ID, Method Name, Source/Context, URL, NEMI Identifier (n/a)