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Furthermore, it is usually accepted that the insistence in calling the black people in 'Heart of Darkness' "savages" is actually one of the many examples of Conrad's irony in this novella.

The heart of darkness can be read as a political critique of western imperialism as exercised by the Belgians, who more or less raped the Congo of its resources while brutalizing the country's people and making them slaves of unbridled politi...

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Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad's best-known work, has been examined on many bases – more than I can possibly list here, but including imperialism, colonialism, and racism....

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The proposition that Heart of Darkness is not necessarily racist since Joseph Conrad – through the character of Marlow – is more ironic and criticises imperialism is what R.G Hampson in , quoting Joyce critics, described as a “reader trap” (9). At the beginning of his ‘yarn’ Marlow declares – I would like to reproduce it in full for purposes of analysis although it has been hinted at before:

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I contend, with the help of the written opinions of Denby and Achebe, that Heart of Darkness, while racist in its views, is nonetheless a valuable and commendable work of art.

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An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.”

Heart of Darkness exemplifies early modernism in the British explorers viewed African natives of the Congo as incapable of human equality due to perceived uncivilized savagery.